A Collection of Least Known but Powerful Prayers to St. Joseph

Do you know that you can pray the Holy Rosary the St. Joseph's Way? That instead of the Hail Mary, we can pray the Hail Joseph 

and the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries
as they pertain to the life of St. Joseph?

Have you heard about the chaplet of St. Joseph which is divided into
15 groups corresponding to the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary
but each group is composed of only 4 beads instead of 11
as in the standard Holy Rosary?

There are various prayers which one could use to honor St. Joseph. I personally selected a core of prayers which not a lot of people know about and yet they are efficacious ways to merit the patronage of this wondrous saint.

I personally use these prayers when I need St. Joseph's intercession on something which is urgent and very important to me. I also use some of them as part of my regular prayers as a St. Joseph devotee....

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Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria........
Divine Message of Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, Miracles, Blessings, And Supernatural Breakthrough..

THEME: God Will Not Forsake You_ Disc B
By: Rev. Fr. Camillus E. Mbaka..
God Bless You As You Watch
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This is a great Talk / Message you must Watch to.. By Our Daddy Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka..

Theme:- God Will Not Forsake You..

This is a must listen to message especially for Married Men and Women and also for Youth..
He deserve an Award for this talk..
Theme: God Will Not Forsake You..
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Mbaka Crusade 2014_Divine Take Over-part C
This is the 2014 Crusade Video..
Theme: Divine Take Over
By Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka...
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Watch the Part A @ http://youtu.be/0QpYfvhhG1Q

Did you miss the 2014 Adoration Crusade By Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka?.. Here is the complete part A video of the Crusade.. watch it now in our Youtube channel
Theme: Divine Take Over.
Ministering:  Very Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka

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This is the 31st Night 2014 message by Rev.Fr.Ejike Mbaka.

Is in this message that he spoke about the President Goodluck Jonathan; Captioned ''From GoodLuck To Bad Luck. This is a message you must listen to and also share the Good News. Many people misunderstood this message but He is just passing a message of CHANGE...

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There has been many rumors going on all this while about what Rev.Fr.Mbaka Actually said about GEJ and Buhari .. Just Download and watch this video to find out yourself  ..

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Following many request for this song, and since we are here to serve you all.
Here is it. The Award winning Track by our Daddy Rev.Fr.Ejike.C.Mbaka..
In this song he tried to pass a message, telling everyone that The World Turns Around and therefore that we all should not boast with things of this World.

Tittle: Uwa N'eme Ntughari

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