Fr.mbaka New Video- Buhari's Victory_The Lord Has Spoken For Me[ Chimu Asara m Okwu_A]

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In the mid last month Rev.Fr Ejike Mbaka prophesied that the incumbent president , Goodluck Jonathan will fail in the just concluded presidential Election.. He performed the ritual of the dove where the dove of Jonathan refused to fly after many attempt ..
He was Criticized by many Christians, many people called him a fake priest and prophet.. He also received many death threat because of his prophecy...

But today he is rejoicing and full of thanksgiving to God for His prophecy has come to pass and to tell the world that he is a true Man of God.. In this Message he Titled - Chimu Asara m Okwu [The Lord Has Spoken For Me ]

You should also know that Rev.Fr.Mbaka Is the Only Man Of God in Nigeria that gave a prophecy that Goodluck Jonathan will fail in the just concluded presidential Election., All other Men of God and Pastors prophesied that GEJ will Win the Election..

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